Trappers Festival is looking for Christmas Trees to help decorate for the Festival.  If you have a Christmas tree that you would like to donate, please contact the Town to make those arrangements @ 627-1125.  There will be no cost to the pickup.


For questions or non-emergency concerns, such as:

  • Condition of property and crossings (e.g. grade crossings, rail ties, etc.)
  • Environment (e.g. vegetation, grass cutting, trees, etc.)
  • Permits and/or flag persons
  • Noise (e.g. whistling)
  • General operations (e.g. train speeds, hours of operation, etc.)

 Please contact the CN’s Public Inquiry Line (PIL) either by phone at 1-888-888-5909 or by email at It is important that all citizens’ inquiries go through the PIL in order for CN to accurately monitor and analyze concerns and resolutions across our network.

CN Police staff are also available for emergency or safety related issues, such as trespassing on tracks, unlawful activity, crossing signal defect, etc.  Residents should contact CN Police either by email at for non-urgent suspicious activities or by phone at 1-800-465-9239 for emergencies.


If you have concerns with the Northern Health Region please see attached

Share Your Compliment or Concern – Northern Health Region


Endow Manitoba / Manitoba Build 150 Grant Application can be picked up at the Town Office.  Deadline for submission is January 31, 2020.

Just a reminder that as of November 1st the parking ban is in effect.

If you see a street light or walking path light out please call 1-888-MB-HYDRO or you can report it online at

You will require an address or serial number in order to create a service order to get the lights fixed.   The serial number can be found on a sticker or tag at eye level on the street light standard or pole.

The Town of The Pas is in the process of updating their website.

If you have any digital pictures of the Town that are unique and you believe reflect our community, please send them in to be featured on our website.

A disclaimer for use of your picture will be required.

For more information please contact Jennifer Early at 204-627-1108 or

Notice of Certification and Settlement Approval Hearing