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Kelsey Planning District

We’ve compiled the Final Background Report and the Development Plan and Zoning By-Laws that went to first reading in a Dropbox folder, which you can access at the following link:

Kelsey Planning District Dropbox

Kelsey PD Development Plan Sept 25 2020 - DRAFT

New Development Plan and Zoning By-Laws Underway

The Town of The Pas and the RM of Kelsey have come together through the recently formed Kelsey Planning District to begin work on a new Development Plan and updated Zoning By-Laws for the area, with planning support from HTFC Planning & Design.

The new by-laws will help to map out the community’s long-term plans and policies to guide future growth and change. They will ensure that development in the area will move forward collaboratively, with the shared goal of encouraging development that is in the best interests of The Pas and the RM of Kelsey, including Cranberry Portage and Wanless. The new Development Plan will incorporate both short-term and long-term changes as the area continues to grow as a regional service centre in northern Manitoba.

A new development plan and updated zoning-bylaws will also help to address and guide the sustainable subdivision of land and residential development in the area; seasonal/cottage development; agriculture and livestock operations; signage; and more.

Keep watching this page for updated project information, links to online surveys, and invitations to community workshops and open houses.



The first phase of the project, including creation of a Background Study and the new Development Plan for the Kelsey Planning District, is expected to run from June 2018 to February 2019, with community open houses in September and December and a formal public hearing in February 2019.

The second phase of the project involves updating the Zoning By-Laws for the Town of the Pas and the RM of Kelsey. This phase is expected to run from February 2019 until July 2019. Community open houses will be held in May 2019 and formal public hearings in July 2019.


Kelsey PD – Base Map Full 8 x 11 – Aerial v7 with reserves