Landfill Hours

Waste By-Law #4559 

Commercial Garbage Pick Up Application


The Pas Landfill

The bellow table gives a quick view of items you will NOT be charged for and what items you WILL be charged for.

Please check out The Pas website or call the Town of The Pas for tipping fees.

Tires without Rims

Bulk Metals (ie. Fridge, Freezer, Air Conditoner, Stove, Steel Drums, Empty Propane Tanks, Rims, etc.)

Organics (ie. Brush, Leaves, Grass Clipping, Tree clippings, trees in manageable pieces, clean wood chips, etc.)

Clean Fill – Suitable for cover material

Used Oil

House Hold garbage

Demolition Debris (ie. Concrete, roofing material, windows, doors, etc.)

Asbestos (10 day’s notice required)

Triple tipping fee for dumping recyclable in household*

*Material that is recycling must be brought to The Pas and Area Recycling Center

**All hazardous materials (ie. oil, Fuel, coolant, propane etc.) has to be remove form the bulk metals for there to be no tipping fee

The Pas and Area Recycling Center

The below  gives a view of items that The Pas and Area Recycling Centre WILL accept and Items they WILL NOT accept

Recycling Center


The Town of The Pas leases land to Tervita for the operation of a Bioremediation ( contaminated soil) site. Which accept:

-Hydrocarbon contaminated soils

-Gasoline contaminated soil from service stations

-Diesel and heating oil contaminated soil

-Contaminated soil from emergency response/motor vehicle accidents.

Please contact Tervita at 204-336-5421

Violators will be fined according to the Solid Waste Collection and Waste Disposal Grounds By-Law 4492. Any questions on The Pas Solid Waste Disposal Site should be addressed to the Town of The Pas Engineering Department at 204 627-1127. Any questions on The Pas and Area Recycling Center should be addressed to 204 623-5423.

Refrigerator Retirement Program.