Accommodation Tax By-Law No. 4535

Airport Lakeside Reserve Fund By-law No. 4452

Animal Control By-law #4573

Bullying By -law No. 4442 

Business Licences – By-Law No. 4452

Cemetary By-Law  – By-Law No. 4514

Cleaning of Streets and Sidewalks – By-Law #4576

Columbarium Reserve Fund – By-Law No.4515

Community Enhancement Reserve Fund – By-Law No.4538

Curfew By-Law – By-Law No.4264

Derelict/Unregistered Vehicles By-Law# 4574

Destination Marketing Reserve Fund – By-LAw No. 4536

Designated Officers By-law #4571

Election Campaign Expenses and Contributions – By-Law No. 4491

Expanded Hours for Retail Shopping –  By-Law No.4464

Expenditures & Borrowing – Phase II Multi-plex  By-Law #4409

Fire Prevention & Emergency Service – By-Law #4578

Fire Fighting Equipment Reserve Fund By-Law No.4437

Forestry Stabilization Grant Project – By-Law No.4562

Mayor / Councillor Indemnities – By-Law No.4556

Multi-Use Recreation Facility Phase I By-Law No.4381

Multi-Use Recreation Facility Phase II By-Law No.4435

Municipal By-Law Enforcement Act Parking By-Law #4570

Establishment of a Museum Board By-Law No.4443

Noise  – By-Law #4577

Off-Road Vehicle By-Law No.4510

Organizational – By-Law No.4540

Penalties on Property Tax –  By-Law No.4426

Procedural By-Law – By-Law No.4539

Prohibit Sale of Distribution of Plastics  – By-Law No.4542

Provincial Offences Act By-law #4572

2017 Property Taxes Levy – By-Law No.4563

Regulation of Traffic and Parking – By-Law No.2265

Recreational Infrastructure Reserve Fund – By-Law No.4537

Tax Incentive Program – By-Law No. 4560

2hr Parking By-Law No.4555

Unsightly Property By-Law #4575

Vehicle for Hire By-law 4567

Waste Disposal Grounds Reserve By-law No.4450

Water Rate By-Law No.4319

Water Rates – Amendment to By-Law No.4319 – By-Law No.4421

Water Rates – Amendment to By-Law 4319 – By-Law No.4425

Wellness Centre Equipment Reserve Fund – By-Law No.4449

Waste Management System – By-Law No.4559

Winton Pool Renovations By-Law N0.4486

Wood Acres II Phase 1 By-Law No. 4334

Wood Acres II amendment to By-Law No. 4358

Zoning By-Law – By-Law No.4121